Christian Education Classes Fall 2021

Old Testament Survey

Teacher: Roger Landrum

Roger converted to Christianity out of Deism while in college. He and his wife Selena have Three sons and one daughter and have attended North Summit for seven years. Roger is a retired Army Infantry Lieutenant Colonel, serving two tours in Iraq. He is soon to graduate from Dallas Theological Seminary.
Old Testament Survey class will be held on Sundays 10:45-12:00; starting on Sunday, September 19 and ending on November 21. This class will be in room 102 in the South Building.

Women in Pursuit of a Closer Walk with the Lord

Teacher: Claudia Parsons

Claudia has been a Christian for 40 plus years. She has been immersed in studying the Bible through those years and knows the importance of “present[ing] yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth”. (2 Timothy 2:15)

Women in Pursuit of a Closer Walk with the Lord
This eight week group study is for ladies who are ready to be challenged in their working knowledge of Scripture.  If you want to be better equipped in walking this life of faith, or may have a desire to disciple another, this course takes you through the essential truths to that end. It brings some deeper things of God to light in a way that can’t help but mature you spiritually. Do you really know how to study God’s word for the greatest renewal?  Are you getting stronger in your faith? Come join us and be strengthened in faith and fellowship.
Women in Pursuit of a Closer Walk with the Lord will meet on Mondays from 6:00-8:00 PM starting Monday, September 20 and ending on November 8.  Group will meet in room 201 in the South Building.

Hermeneutics Workshop

Teachers: Dr. Steve Brown /Teaching Pastor & Gary Medders/Deacon

This eight week study has been taught here at North Summit before and fills up quickly. It teaches the Art and Science of biblical interpretation. It is an essential class to those who wish to learn how to read and interpret Scripture for themselves.

All people are welcome to this workshop. There is plenty of information for the oldest believer or the newest student of the Bible, We ask that if you are signing up for this workshop, please be serious about dedicating your time for all 8 weeks as some homework is necessary. This workshop is one that requires your full attention and commitment. Every week is important.
Hermeneutics Workshop will meet on Mondays 6:30-8:00PM starting Monday, September 20 and ending on November 8.  Class will meet in the South Building Chapel.

The Smart Step Family

Facilitators: Brian & Beverly Burkhalter

This eight week long video class on how to have a healthy, God honoring, blended family by Ron Deal. 
Blended / step families & marriages often struggle due to non-traditional relationship dynamics, false beliefs, and misinformation. Ron Deal has spent much of his adult life studying what makes blended families work, and what sometimes makes them fail. This class is geared for couples.

Participant guide will be required and available for purchase at the first meeting for $12. One per couple (or individual if preferred)
This is a perfect class for couples who are currently in a step or blended family, or couples who are planning to create a blended family.
The Smart Step Family will be held on Mondays from 6:30-8:00PM Starting Monday, October 4 and ending on November 22.  Class will meet in room 103 in the South Building.